5 Reasons to Schedule a Deep Tissue Massage Session Now

For many people, massage can seem like a luxury, something you only do on a special occasion or when you happen to have a bit of extra money to spend. Very few actually understand the health benefits of getting a massage, especially a deep tissue one. Just like we should exercise and eat good food, spending money on a great deep tissue massage is just as important for our health.

And, as you’re about to see, the health benefits go so much deeper than just getting relaxed.

Here are five reasons you should schedule a deep tissue massage for yourself right now.

  1. Improves Blood Pressure. By reducing stress in the body, a deep tissue massage has the benefit of being able to improve your blood pressure. According to a study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center, people who received a deep tissue massage experienced a drop in systolic blood pressure by 10.4mm Hg and a decrease in diastolic pressure by 5.33mm Hg. While other types of massage have been shown to raise blood pressure, a relaxing deep tissue massage will keep your nervous system relaxed and can potentially lower your risk for heart disease.
  1. Treat Old Injuries and Chronic Pain. Deep tissue massage is one of the best methods of massage if you are looking to work on trouble spots. From old injuries to current sites of pain and chronic pain, this type of massage works slowly into the layers of the body, applying therapeutic pressure to muscles, tendons, and tissue. Releasing tension in the body has been proven to help relieve chronic pain and the skilled hands of an experienced massage therapist can help treat sprains and strains in the body too.

 Improve Range of Motion. The benefit of getting deep into the layers of the body is that you can access something known as fascia, fibrous tissue that connects muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels. Deep tissue massage helps to soften hardened fascia, while also removing scar tissue that has built up in the body from past issues. In doing so, this method of massage can help you regain mobility throughout the body, getting you back to a state where you can once again enjoy a freer range of motion.

  1. By applying pressure to the body, deep tissue massage stimulates the circulatory system, which kick the body’s naturally-occurring cleansing mechanics into gear. As the tissue in the body is pressed, the organs respond by releasing toxins into the circulatory system, making it easier for the body to clear them out for good. Just as regular exercise and deep breathing detoxifies the body, so does deep tissue massage.
  1. Be Happier. That “massage high” people talk about? There’s science behind it. A deep tissue massage causes the brain to produce more dopamine and serotonin, two natural chemicals that boost your mood. Additionally, massage reduced cortisol in the body, a stress hormone that, when it’s in excess in your body, can lead to several health concerns, including an increase of dangerous abdominal fat storage.


Deep tissue massage is about so much more than just feeling pampered for a day, although you’ll feel that too. Making massage a regular part of your health and wellness routine will help you feel and look better while allowing your body to return to its happy state of proper functioning.