Fertility and the Changing Seasons

As winter approaches and the landscape changes accordingly, our bodies face different demands in response to our environment.  If we are trying to conceive, are currently pregnant, or going through IVF this concept becomes even more critical as bearing life requires the right timing, resources, and environment.  In Colorado we have become quite savvy about the idea of eating locally and in season.  The ancient Chinese were certainly no strangers to this concept and much of Chinese medicine was predicated around the very idea that humans are merely an extension of nature and therefore bound to the same set of laws as nature.  Some of us have predispositions to one or combinations of various internal climatic factors such as cold, damp, heat, and dryness which can lead to disharmony within the body if these factors are out of balance.

With the cold winter season approaching, there are several things we should take into consideration.  Winter is dominated by the kidney system in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Kidney’s also happen to be considered the root of fertility in (TCM).  What does this mean for you?  Think conservation!  Conserve energy, as a producing a baby comes with high energy demands.   Make sure you are staying warm, managing stress, not overdoing exercise, and getting plenty of rest.   Consider skipping cold foods /drinks that are incompatible for the season and your natural digestive fire.  Avoid mineral depleting sugary foods and empty processed foods that end up robbing you of nutrients instead of helping your body to regenerate and repair.  Think regeneration!   Choose warming nourishing organic foods like mineral rich bone broth soups and stews, pasture raised grass-fed cultured butter high in the fat soluble vitamins necessary for proper hormone production, local seasonal vegetables, and pasture raised eggs.  Above all listen to your body.  These are just some of the time tested traditions that cultures around the world have enjoyed for ages to cultivate healthy moms and healthy babies, especially during the winter months.

Seeking out a qualified acupuncturist can help you to understand your internal “climate” to help you best maximize your health and in turn, your chance of having and maintaining a healthy viable pregnancy.