Why You Want Lash Extensions Now!

Of all of the must-have beauty products women list, the one found most frequently at the top is mascara. Why? Because a set of stunning, lengthy, dark lashes is the equivalent of finding the perfect summer dress – one thing is all you need!

 Long lashes a la the Kardashians, Beyonce, and Katy Perry (the list could go on and on and on…) are desirable for so many reasons, but, most of all, these fluttering duos make you look awake, fresh, young, and, of course, flirtatious. And while there are lots of ways you can work on your lashes on your own at home, these daily rituals require you to invest a lot of time, which is something very few of us have enough of. Add in the necessary skill you need to make fake lashes look great, and you begin to understand why everyone isn’t walking around with fabulously long, full eyelashes.

 But, if you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled, you may have noticed that more and more women you run into, from yoga class to the coffee bar, your office to school pick-ups, are sporting enviable lashes.

 Which may leave you wondering, do they really have that much time? Chances are they don’t.

Today, women are turning to one of Hollywood’s little secrets in order to deliver knock-out lashes day after day: Lash Extensions.

 And, here are five reasons you should be getting lash extensions now, too!

 Save Time. Getting eyelash extensions makes your lashes darker, longer, and fuller, which means there is much less you need to do in order to get ready in the morning. While there is an investment in time at getting them applied (it generally takes about 2 to 3 hours), that amount of time is nothing when you consider how long you typically take applying (and taking off) makeup each and every day.

 Look Younger. Eyelash extensions will make anyone look younger, simply because fuller, thicker lashes are associated with younger people. As you age (sorry to bring that up!) your lashes naturally get thinner and lighter, and for some people shorter, which also makes you look more tired. You will be amazed at what a difference eyelash extensions make to your completely natural appearance!

 Wear Less Makeup. A side effect of getting eyelash extensions is that you will find yourself wearing less and less makeup. Part of it is recommended (experts say you shouldn’t apply mascara to lash extensions), but the other part is that you will just feel like you don’t need it!

 Choose Your Look. With so many different styles and designs to choose from, it’s not hard to find the eyelash extensions that are a perfect fit for your look. Whether you want a more understated look or full on glam, you can find the brand that’s right for you. Eyelash extensions also come in different material types. The three most common are synthetic, silk, and mink. Each style has its benefits and, after seeing them in person, you should be able to pretty easily decide which is right for you.

 People Will Notice. And, yes, in a very, very good way. Most women who get eyelash extensions report receiving loads of compliments after having the service done. And this shouldn’t come as a shock, especially if you’ve seen extensions on others. They really do make you look (and feel) amazing.

 Long (or super long depending on your personal style) story short, you should run, not walk, to get your eyelash extensions. But, be warned, you will become addicted. And, as with any beauty service, be sure you do your homework first. Check to ensure that you go to a trained professional who uses quality products and who understands how to apply extensions without potentially damaging the ones you have.